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Brotherhood Circles, Thu 16th Feb, 7.30-10pm via Zoom

Brotherhood Circles, Thu 16th Feb, 7.30-10pm via Zoom

Brother, Aho invites you to join the brotherhood, A monthly circle for men to connect with their purpose, motivation, energy & strength. We live in a time of great change, where we are disconnected from the elements, fire, nature & brotherhood. Do you feel uninspired, burdened, lost or disconnected? The brotherhood is a community of men who support each other to grow and find a healthy sense of masculinity. In the modern day world we are hyper independent, this recognition of unity is missing and through gathering together in community we find deep access to our true nature.

"The Sun is the king star and man cyclically is aligned to this force"


Our monthly online circles and yearly retreat are a place to connect with your fellow brothers. Held by Renato Guerrero, Mantis Oras and Daren Ellis, each circle will guide you through a new teaching and practice to retrieve different aspects of your masculinity back into your life. During this year long journey, we will cover the 4 elements; water, earth, air, fire. Exploring how they can be our teachers as men, to lead a life of greater purpose and integrity.


The circles are £5 each to join and there is no obligation to attend the entire course and you can drop in or out at any point.


Each circle is a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes and held over zoom.


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Course Structure:


Jan 12th: Communication
Feb 16th: Fear
Mar 16th: Self-love
Apr 13th: Body Motion
May 11th: Body Rest
Jun 8th: Nutrition
Jul 6th: Lucidity
Aug 10th: Stalking state
Sep 7th: Discipline
Oct 5th: Coherence
Nov 9th: Flexibility
Dec 7th: Resilience
Hosted by:
Renato Guerrero is a Chilean spiritual guide who is passionate about life, nature, initiation journeys, and ancestral mysteries. He has served as a multidisciplinary therapist, evolutionary empowerment coach and shaman. Today Renato hosts classes, circles and ceremonies to empower people back into their true nature.


Mantis Oras is a musician, facilitator and craftsman who facilitates community circles, including: men's work, drumming, fire ceremonies & sound journeys. Mantis has completed a trauma-informed music leader course, and has supported plant medicine circles in the last 7 years.


Trevor Speller is an award-winning Osteopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner based in South London.


Daren Ellis is the creator of Aho, a community based in East London which offers workshops, talks, retreats and ceremonies. His passion is community and gathering people together. He also works with the fire, and loves connecting people back to natures elements.
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