Mixed All Night Gong Bath with Amanda Jane Chappell, Fri 13th March, 10pm-7am


All Night Gong Bath: A sleepover like no other: "being awake in a dream"


Experience this overnight transformation through the vibrations of Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan bowls and 3 Symphonic Gongs as well as other instruments whilst you meditate or sleep. Expect to emerge revitalised and rejuvenated in the morning.


All night gong bath at Aho is a intimate session that we cap at 12 people to help honour the space.


We will begin the evening with the evening to set intentions and document anything that comes up during the night... this is perfect time to dump emotions we are suppressing and gain some much needed clarity on any emotional or physical pain.


Then there will be a short break to set up your ‘sleeping nests’ for the night ceremony.


After a short introduction, you will be “bathed” in the sound waves of the gongs for hours continuously till the morning. As the powerful vibrations and harmonics wash over you, they will induce deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness and help to release tensions and blocks.


Please be gentle with yourself for the remainder of the weekend to fully ‘digest’ the process, which can last for a few days after the experience.


At the beginning of the night, the sound might feel quite intensive at moments. After a while, we will keep it gentle and comforting till the early morning.


At around 5:30am the gongs will go silent for 30 minutes of stillness & reflection; during this time people tend to experience powerful insights and a profound feeling of inner peace and liberation.


Everyone will be invited to to share their night experiences with each other over a hot drink and shared snacks.


10pm-10.30pm - Arrival

11pm- 11.30pm - Open the circle with guided meditation, journalling and intentions.

11.30pm- midnight - Set up sleep space.

Midnight- 6am - Sound & Gong Bath.

6am-7am - Reflection


Early Bird: £49 before 14th Feb. Full Price: £59 via www.aho.community booking in advance essential.Over 18s only.


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