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Altar of the Curandero, Chakapa & Agua de Florida Workshop. Sun 1st Oct 11am-5pm

Altar of the Curandero, Chakapa & Agua de Florida Workshop. Sun 1st Oct 11am-5pm


Create your own Florida Water with local English sacred plants as well as those brought from the Amazon of Peru and local Andean plants. Flower waters can help you heal your fears and increase your creativity. It can heal your love life and bring luck in to your life, increase your aura perception of the world and bring protection to your altar, ceremony or home.


Enchanting smells can open new vibration and perception of the world and attracts love, tranquillity, ideal for healing spaces. We work with sacred seeds such as Piri, Piri, other plants from the basin of the Amazon, and local plants.


Chakapa is a powerful tool for shamanic healing cleanses, increases energies, brings tranquillity and is also a musical instrument, is a talisman to protect both the shaman and the patients.


Join us to learn to make your own Florida Water and Chakapa, and sing ICAROS, magic and healing songs to connect with the invisible world. Do enjoy one of the treatments as part of this journey including R’ape - visit the temple of the sun and Pachamama, enter and heal the temple of your father and mother to integrate your feminine and masculine in you.


The workshop will be led by Curandera healer and medicine woman -Illan Kill- Hampeq warmi from Cusco Peru, she brings teachings of the Tawa Inti suyo, the southern cross, and songs and prayers of the Tawa Inti suyo Pre Inka and Kapaq Nan ancestral path of the Andes. The Qero codes teach us a new way of living integrating ourselves into a community, respect to mother earth, living in equilibrium with all living species, respect to nature, the animal kingdom, and all the cosmic benign here and in all dimensions.


Includes all materials.

What to Bring: Flowers, to decorate the altar.


The full abundance price is £100 . If you are on low income please don't let this stop you from coming. We offer a concession price of £80 by using the code: CONCESSION 80


More info do conctact Sofia.


Kawsaypaq! Uke ati, if you heal yourself, I heal my self, we heal Pachamama mother earth.


For life!


Illa Killa, Sofia Bushbuck

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