Ask Julian: Astrological forecasts & how it effects you! Mon 25th May, 7-9pm


Every Monday via zoom, join astrologer Julian Venables (Dip.Astrol.S) on a journey of astrological self-realization as he maps out the current and forthcoming planetary movements and how this relates to your own birth chart.


It is possible to live in a constant state of wonderment and raised awareness as you realise you live on the surface of a planet floating through outer space. This level of at-oneness with the universe around you and as a part of you is where you can find and be-at-one with your inner Shamen. The astrology birth chart (or Horoscope: "The Watcher of the hour", or Horus's viewpoint) reveals the point at which you entered the time wave of earthly existence and became you. Through knowing your birth chart and mapping out the course of the planets on a monthly basis, you can also understand and relate to the changing world around you, and thus seek to become self-realised, understanding your true purpose in life.


£10 payment in advance to be made via website. Please have your birth details ready, including time, date and place of birth.


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