Awakened Breath with Susy Kavorikova. Mon 24th Feb. 7-9pm

With every inhale we have a chance to awaken our body, our emotions, our spirit. Conscious connected breath as a tool for self -healing, body-mind exploration and emotional or spiritual awakening giving us the change to deepen the relationship with our pure essence. This can be a really delicate and extraordinary experience.
What would happen if you would fully let go and trust the process? Trust life? Trust yourself? To trust your breath is the first step on this magical journey called life. It is my honour to invite you to take a deep breath and step into this experience.
On this 1 hour-long journey, you will have a chance to see how it is to feel your body fully charged with life energy, how is it to really feel your whole body and how we can use this stage of the journey for stress relief, moving stuck energy or accessing and releasing emotional blockages. The session will be accompanied by music with a certain dynamic which helps you to go through the peak phase of the session smoothly into relaxing and spacious part of your experience. You will be gently guided throughout the whole time. Safe space will be created for you, so you can dive fully into this unique experience. On the end of the session, we will honour our journey by a final sharing circle. This will be a time to integrate the whole experience.
Every day can be a lifetime journey, every act can be a ritual and by every inhale we can breathe in the whole Universe. I would love to warmly welcome you in this space. Space of your own exploration and healing.
£35, limited places. Best to book in advance. Non Refundable
Via website.
About Facilitator:
Who I am? I was asking this question to myself for quite a long time. I got different answers in different periods in my life. When my journey become influenced by traditional ceremonies, rituals and psychedelic experiences, the question started to be more clear but not embodied. After these experiences, I was guided by my inner voice to search for such a clear substance which is present everywhere and is for available for everyone. I deeply believed that this essence exists and it has a powerfully transformative and healing ability.
I believed that is something which connects us to ourself on such a pure level that we realise there is no such a need to use external substances to get connected with all the layers of us, with the purpose of life, the voice of the soul, desires of the hearth and the divine essence of us. I believed that this substance will connect us with Nature and bring a deeply ecological and spiritual message. And that time the conscious breath came into my life. And changed it almost upside down.
My name is Susy and I am certificated, breathwork facilitator. The breathwork is for me a tool for awakening the body, emotions and the soul, its a tool for a deep understanding of "who I really am". With what I get in touch during the ceremonies get embodied thanks breathwork. In my work, I am creating a space and guidance for people to dive into their own breathwork experience. My journey with a breath is based on my own emotional healing and spiritual transformation. After finishing my studies with the worldwide school Alchemy of breath I started my path as breathwork facilitator.
Already during my studies, I guided breathwork journey and rituals in different parts of Europe. Right now I am based in Portugal and starting my collaboration with retreats, musicians, therapist and healers. My inner voice told me to "Teach and share the wisdom " and the life offered me a tool. Here I am, ready to offer a beautiful journey into our own life awakening.
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