Breath, BEATS and Laughter, 25th Jan. 10am-1pm


Join Transformational Breath workshop leader & Laughter Yoga expert Susie Smith for a 3-hour uplifting workshop focused solely on raising the frequency of the mind and body to create a powerful experience of joy and release.


Mixing freestyle dance, drums, laugher yoga and Transformational Breath, Susie and her team will have you walking (or possibly floating) away into the afternoon feeling open hearted, expanded, joyful and with a big ol’smile on your face. Come and hi-vibe your way into the weekend.


Susie has been working with Conscious Connect Breathwork and in particular Transformational Breath since 2016. Attending the intense 7-day workshop training in Istanbul directly with Judith Kravitz herself (the founder and creator of Transformational Breath) Susie is a fully qualified 1-2-1 Transformational Breathwork Coach and Workshop Leader.


Experiencing life as a stand-up comedian in her 20’s, training in Laugher Yoga was a natural choice and Susie now brings her unique gift for joy and laughter and combines it with the profoundly powerful modality of deep conscious connected breathwork.


The morning begins with a burst of uplifting, happy bouncy tunes; a mini spiritual disco if you will. Helping to loosen up the body, free the mind, release inhibitions and get the heart rate up. From there we will flow beautifully into a Laughter Yoga session. Already energised and uplifted, this will increase your sense of joy and freedom of expression, with laughter being the perfect and most enjoyable way to expand and open the diaphragm, it serves as an excellent warm up and heart opener for the breathwork.


After a short break we will go into a deep 50-minute Transformational Breath session. By this point you will have already begun a process called ‘activation’ (via the power of the breath) meaning the


electromagnetic field of the body will be in a state of change. This activation allows a process of entrainment to take place within your electromagnetic field (a basic law of quantum physics). Your breath and your subconscious will be working together, pulling up any lower vibrational frequencies such as anger, sadness, resentment etc from your energy field, lifting these frequencies up and out into the conscious state meaning you are able to release let go and integrate all that no longer serves you, simply and easily just by using the power of your breath. Leaving you feeling lighter, freer and more blissful.


Transformational Breath is also known as the therapy without talking. We do not analyse what comes up for us. We simply surrender to it and let it go.


Limited to 14 places, £50 payment and booking in advance via website to reserve a space.


Charlotte and Susie are hosting a Peruvian retreat SOVEREIGN SOUL in March 2020, combing Kambo and Breathwork, as well as other medicines, modalities, laughter and heart opening initiations. To find out more visit


Susie and Charlotte also talk existential nonsense on their regular enlightenment/unlightenment podcast ‘The Lightworkers Cafe’ - available on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms if you just google it.


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