Earth Spirit Keepers Gathering. 11-13th June. Deposit

Earth Spirit Keepers Gathering. 11-13th June. Deposit


Discover what your own personal medicine is and what gifts and talents you want to bring forth to the world and to this tribe and planet. This course will give you a advanced knowledge of your place in nature.


Aho is honoured to bring you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the great outdoors and learn how to not only survive but thrive in the wild!


Hosted by Wild Earth project which is a Paleolithic survival school based in the South West of uk steeped in cultural re-generation, remembering and re–connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world. The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills and being able to thrive easily in any terrain.


Spirit Philosophy

We will teach you how to connect with the-spirit-that-moves-through-all-things, the world of the unseen and eternal and you will learn how to interact in that world, how to know if a plants edible or medicinal, how to know where the nearest pack of deer's are, how to use your body as an oracle to answer questions and many more pure but simple techniques to enrich your life, in ways you could never imagine.


This course begins our work with spirit. These teachings are the distillation of an ancient Lipan Apache lineage honed and simplified by a remarkable elder called Stalking Wolf.


We will cover a huge amount of subjects giving you a huge tool box and encyclopedia of knowledge, so you can go on to specialise in any of these skills as a career or just as a hobby. 


Also its a school that is deeply woven with indigenous wisdom and spirit work. We put a great emphasis on the spirit skills that are also completely aligned with the physical skills.


These skills activate character traits of self reliance, confidence, knowledge, empathy, strength and wisdom.



Location :


Come join us in the beautiful hills of Huntley in West Gloucestershire on a colossal 1500 acre piece of land with a sunset hill point, a witches cave, monk-jack. its very wild !


Its a primitive camping spot, but we think experiencing truly how it is to be living in the wild is very important ...toilets will be a dug out pit and a gas hot shower with views of the forest!



Dates for the rest of the course: 2021


June 11-13 in Gloucestershire - Spirit Philosophy

August 6 -8 in Devon - Coastal Foraging

Oct 8-10 in Gloucestershire -  Mushrooms/Berries/Bows



Schedule outline : June 11-13 

Day 1: Sit spot meditation: ritual, introspection, gratitude / grief. The four worlds and spirit communication: how, when, why and what for. Fire dinner, storytelling.


Day 2: Sit spot meditation ritual, introspection, gratitude, stretching. Learn to use nature as our guide and wisdom keeper. Fire, primitive cooking, storytelling.


Day 3: Sit spot meditation, stretching. Talk and Q and A on the future of our planet. The spirit that moves in and through all things. Healing the world, nature , animals and people around us. Fire, dinner.



Adults only 


Cost : 

Prices for each 3 day event : £300

Deposit for each 3 day event : £100 paid via website. 


The remaining due to be paid in full by the start date.


Please write to us if you have financial difficulties as we do have a Unemployed / Benefits rate to


Refunds : 100% refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course, 50% refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts, 0% if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting.


Bookings: We are advertising and taking bookings with the expectation that courses later in the year will happen. If a course has to be cancelled at any point due to government restrictions relating to COVID-19 we will of course refund your course booking fees in full, although we regret we cannot be liable for additional costs such as travel or accommodation.

Head Instructor:


Johnny Tidd has had an unquenchable thirst for this path for the last 10 years and can deliver expert advice in all of the subjects on survival, he has lived in the jungles of Mexico and has studied all over the world, with the world renowned tracker and survival teacher Tom Brown JNR , Jon Young , Ffyona Campbell for his wild food teacher training and Trackways in Sussex studying shamanism and survival  , always pushing himself further towards being able to completely thrive in the wild, which he has now accomplished.