Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Music Concert at Aho, Sat 8th Aug. 7-10pm


Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, we like to share with you beautiful Cacao Medicine ceremony in presence after a long time of waiting to be closer to you. This time our ceremony comes from two powerful cultures, from Peruvian Cacao with Toltec participation of Mexico, as well as a beautiful and powerful line up of professional musicians from South America.


Sofia Buchuck a healer from Peru comes to sing together with multi-instrumentalists musicians, such as: Vicki Cespedes, from Bolivia, Santiago Horna, Wilfredo Avalos and Jose Navarro from Peru.


This session will include a guide meditation to the temple of crystalline heart of Mosoq Pacha, or New KAIA, Sophia, Magdalene, in this new portal of ascension, connecting us from our heart, to the sun and to mother earth. Aligning perfectly with this beautiful medicine of mama cacao, which awakens and heals the heart.


Tonight we will sing songs of the Andes and the Amazon Rain forest to defend the life and the plants of our beloved healing lands, plant spirits and animals, as well as to bring the spirit of Native American Festival in London, and the original languages and medicines of this sacred land, which is part of the world as we all are children of mother earth.


Specially to celebrate this cultures alive who sustain mother earths medicines and their teachings but also to say no more to the abuse to our brothers and sisters in the Rain forest, bringing consciousness as we are all ONE.


Cost £35 in presence via


Reclaiming our beautiful energies of love and togetherness in order to help this transition into higher energetic dimensions. The music from Peru with ancestral instruments and pre-Colombian languages, such as Quechua, Aymara, Shipibio con reconnect with spirits of the Rain forest and sacred mountains.


Guided meditation guided by Sofia Buchuck or Illan Quilla/ Chakawarmi, medicine Woman from Cusco-Peru.

shamanic healer and ethnomusicologist. She also heals with sacred master plants, diets, cleansing and energetic balancing, Q'ero mesa and offerings to mother earth. 07928599416.


Sofia Buchuck: Ilan Quilla-Moon Light. Chakawarmi Medicine woman from Cusco-Peru, ethnomusicologist and musician at the Musical School of Mexico and London. She is member of Mosoq Tahuaintisuyo of the Qapa’q Nan Incan spiritual path Peru. She heals with master plants at ancestral ceremonies. Trained with Shipibo Conibo, Shwar, and Qero lineages. She walks the Toltec Spiritual Path and is also a Priestess of the Rose temples-Avalon. She canalizes women circles since 1998 in London and holds retreats in Peru and South America for many years. Through Quilla Sonqo and Medicines of Pachamama. Welcomes also individual healings and Moon circles.


Blessings to all.


Enjoying together in the community and sacredness.

Bring you hears to share, dance, and go deep inside.


For life we embrace this new beginning of ascending with mother earth.


Urpillay Sonqullay!



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