Cacao Sound Ceremony – with Jasvindar, Sat 18th July, 7-10pm


Landing in the lap of Sacred Cacao brings soothing comfort. She grounds us into our divine heart from where we gain clarity to receive guidance and insights. Her ability to fill us with love and bliss brings comfortable release and healing. By the time of this ceremony, we will be just emerging from winters deep introspection. We will either be ready to sow seeds of newly formed ideas, or we may be feeling a little tender and unsure. Sacred Cacao medicine can help us to gain healing and clarity whatever the intention.


SoundSeva ceremonies are intuitively co-facilitated by Jasvindar and Cacao spirit. They are usually soft yet powerful; flowing in the movement of what arises in the moment. Mostly, her ceremonies include a meditation journey held with a vibrational bath of soft instrumental sounds, including chimes, singing bowls, 24” Venus gong and voice. Bring an open heart and an intention for the ceremony. You may also like to bring something for the altar and extra bedding for comfort. No food 4 hours before.


After a six year relationship with Sacred Cacao, and at the invitation of locals, Jasvindar was honoured to be initiated into facilitating her first ceremony in Ecuador in 2018. For her, this was a beautiful and humbling experience on many levels.​ Jasvindar holds deep respect for nature and indigenous wisdom teachings. She believes that our reconnection with nature is necessary for our personal, collective and environmental healing. Although she has received teachings from many disciplines, including indigenous shamans from UK, North and South America, she refers to herself as somebody who is committed to walk a path of healing, prayer and Seva (Sanskrit for selfless service). Her aim is to ‘be love’ and to teach, learn, share and grow. See her website for further details:


Price: £35. Limited to only 12 places due to social distancing measures and sanitation guidelines are followed. Booking in advance via website, Non Refundable.



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