Coastal Foraging with Wild Earth Project. 6-8th Aug. Deposit

Coastal Foraging with Wild Earth Project. 6-8th Aug. Deposit


Aho is honoured to bring you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the great outdoors and learn how to not only survive but thrive in the wild!

Hosted by Wild Earth project which is a Paleolithic survival school based in the South West of uk steeped in cultural re-generation, remembering and re–connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world. The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills and being able to thrive easily in any terrain.

Coastal Foraging
Coastal Foraging Wild food abundance, this is an incredible and enchanting weekend that will leave you wanting to stay in the ocean forever, because we come from there, and when we really connect with the plants and the seaweed we get taken back in time, to a long time ago, when we were fish!

​Anyone can come for this weekend no prerequisites needed.



Amongst playing, sunbathing and walking in this exquisite area of outstanding beauty, we will take a look at the fields and forest around the beach, the beach plants and of course the seaweeds. You will not believe the flavours to experience down there and you will not want to come back!

There's something that wants to keep us down by the ocean's shores, and it's not only the sun, surf and relaxed feeling, there's something in our soul that comes alive with the ocean, playing and swimming amongst the seaweed ponds and rocks and identifying all the strange little creatures in the rock pools....

We will learn to cook wonderful recipes from all the plants and seaweeds that we have found along the way,  creating the most succulent wild food dishes, all the while getting replenished by the sea air and expansive views of the ocean. 

We will have feasts of plants, fish - for meat eaters, seaweeds and mushrooms, you will taste the true delights and delicacies of food living in the wild.

We will also forage for plants and flowers in the forest with the possibility of berries and mushrooms too! 

​In this course you will gain knowledge in:
Foraging and plant conservation, safety guidelines and rules 
Poisonous and edible seaweeds and plants
Tides and moon cycles 
Natural habitats
Preparation and cooking of coastal wild food 

Schedule outline : 

Day 1: Dinner, fire, opening circle.

Day 2: Fire and talking circle, stretching, wild food walk, sunbathing, primitive fire making and wild food dinner.

Day 3: Stretching, animal yoga, wild food walk, walk along the jurassic coast.

Adults only 

Cost : 
Prices for each 3 day event : £300
Deposit for each 3 day event : £100 paid 

The remaining due to be paid in full by the start date. 

​Please write to us if you have financial difficulties as we do have a Unemployed / Benefits rate to

Refunds : 100% refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course, 50% refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts, 0% if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting.

Bookings: We are advertising and taking bookings with the expectation that courses later in the year will happen. If a course has to be cancelled at any point due to government restrictions relating to COVID-19 we will of course refund your course booking fees in full, although we regret we cannot be liable for additional costs such as travel or accommodation.

Head Instructor: 

Johnny Tidd has had an unquenchable thirst for this path for the last 10 years and can deliver expert advice in all of the subjects on survival, he has lived in the jungles of Mexico and has studied all over the world, with the world renowned tracker and survival teacher Tom Brown JNR , Jon Young , Ffyona Campbell for his wild food teacher training and Trackways in Sussex studying shamanism and survival  , always pushing himself further towards being able to completely thrive in the wild, which he has now accomplished.