Drum Birthing Workshop with Dorrie Joy. Sat 26th September. 10am-8pm


Dorrie Joy is an internationally celebrated artist and craftswoman who has been making drums for 25 years, and holding ceremonial spaces and drum making journeys for 13 years.


She is a woman of the red road and has worked with these altars and ceremonies for over half her life.


This drum birthing workshops are highly recommended by and affiliated with Northern Drum and The School of Movement Medicine. For this workshop, Dorrie will be travelling to London for a day of drum making within sacred space installation.


Working within elemental ceremony, in alignment with the land and the season, we will make deeply personal and unique drums crafted as soul vessels of belonging, filled with our intentions and presence and soul songs.


No experience necessary!

This includes a hand steamed frame of sustainably sourced Somerset oak or ash. The standard size will be 16” but I can make 18” and 14” frames on request. Contact Dorrie. dorriejoy@hotmail.co.uk


We will mainly work with hand prepared West Country deer skins. Some other skins are available too, eg reindeer and horse. All skins are carefully ethically sourced.


We will be working with a Tarascan medicine wheel design which makes beautiful, balanced, prayerful drums and will make a woven cross design in the centre with a single feather.


Wear comfortable clothing. We will be working mainly on floor level. Please bring a packed lunch or buy food from nearby venues for the lunch break.


Our workshop will finish with a drum blessing.

Because the main bulk of the work is in the gathering and preparing of materials, you will need to pay in advance.


The price of this workshop is £250 made payable via www.aho.community website or if you would like to pay a deposit of £100 the remaining £150 can be paid on the day. Contact darenellis@aho.community to request this.


You can see more of her work at


And Facebook Dorrie Joy Artist.


If there is a specific kind of skin you would like to work with.
​​​​​​​Contact Dorrie. dorriejoy@hotmail.co.uk


Heart blessings,



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