Drumming Up Your Power Animal, Wed 2nd Sept, 7-9pm



With Melonie Syrett and Steve Altman

Price: £22. booking via www.aho.community website


- Connect to your Power Animal

- Find out why they are here

- Receive healing from your Power Animal

- Learn how to honour them

- Collectively send healing to the animal kingdom


We all have Power Animals working with us. Some come for a lifetime and others just for a day. They bring their wisdom and personality traits to us to bring us guidance and strength in our daily lives. We can work shamanically to connect with our animals and bring their wisdom forwards.


In addition, the animals in this physical world are dying! There is much habitat loss and pollution from our human way of living. Our seas are choking and the animals are in deep need of healing.


Do you feel the pull to come together at this time as a collective, using our shared intention to understand how the animals want to work with us and to bring healing to the Animal World?


Steve Altman and Melonie Syrett invite you to join them to connect to your Power Animals and to bring powerful collective healing to the animal kingdom.


The evening will include a range of journeying and individual and collective drumming techniques.


Melonie and Steve first met at a shamanic workshop around 5 years ago. They then followed their own pathways – delving deep into healing, shamanism and drum magic. They have since reconnected, Steve birthing a drum with Melonie whilst she was looking for the masculine influence in her drumming work. As we know, everything is divinely orchestrated and as the drum came into being Steve shared a dream he had where they both worked together! They have birthed drums from the same hide and bring a wonderful balance of divine masculine and feminine to their work.


Melonie makes bespoke frame drums, holds drum gatherings and circles and runs drum making workshops. She has spent time listening to the drum’s wisdom and witnessing the power of individual and collective work. She also works with women using a transformational blend of womb massage, shamanic practice, sound and energy work and coaching to heal the womb and the woman. www.thedrumwoman.com


Steve has spent time in both Mexico and Peru, connecting with shamans and the elements of the land. He uses the tools from this experience, as well as his considerable time spent working in mental health to support people in tuning into their inner vulnerability and core wound so that they are better equipped to fully express themselves in the world.


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