Drumming up your Shadow with Melonie Syrett & Steve Altman, Wed 5th Feb. 7.30pm


Join Melonie and Steve for an evening of connection to your shadow – that part of you which contains so much power but can be ever so difficult to access, let alone face.


What are the things in your life that you’re avoiding to stop you connecting to your authentic self? What are you pushing down that is no longer in sight? What patterns keep on repeating over and over again – simply taking on different forms?


To truly appreciate the light, it is important to begin to face the darkness and the gifts that it offers.


We will begin with a brief connecting and grounding meditation including chakra toning to clear the body in readiness for the work ahead.


You will then be led into a journey where you will be guided to meet an aspect of your shadow and will uncover a piece of your soul that might otherwise have been hidden until now.


After the journey, you will be invited to find a voice or movement for your shadow to express in the room. This is a powerful opportunity to galvanise the power of the shadow to be of service to your future growth.


After the journey there will be time to process what was seen, heard and given using paper, pens, pastels and other mark making tools so that you can take the wisdom you have received away with you.

You will then be guided in a gentle meditation to sit with your shadow and to begin integrating any lessons it has for you to keep you empowered as you move forward on your path.


We will then take part in a community drum circle – embracing both the light and dark within us.


Drums, blankets and pillows are available to borrow, or bring your own.


Price: £22 booking in advance via www.aho.community website or £25 on the night. Limited to 15 places, Non Refundable.


Melonie makes bespoke frame drums, holds drum gatherings and circles and runs drum making workshops. She has spent time listening to the drum’s wisdom and witnessing the power of individual and collective work. She also works with women using a transformational blend of womb massage, shamanic practice, sound and energy work and coaching to heal the womb and the woman. www.thedrumwoman.com www.meloniesyrett.com


Steve has spent time in both Mexico and Peru, connecting with shamans and the elements of the land. He uses the tools from this experience, as well as his considerable time spent working in mental health to support people in tuning into their inner vulnerability and core wound so that they are better equipped to fully express themselves in the world. www.incahealing.co.uk


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