Foraging Walk with John the Poacher. Sun 2nd Aug. 11am-3.30pm


Meet The Man Foraging For Fresh Ingredients up and down the Lea Valley and Hackney Marshes and be guided on a social distancing walk out in nature and in the fresh air foraging for herbs and salad leaves, mushrooms, fruits and flowers. It's a great day out for all your friends and family and at this time seasonally see what is in growth and in abundance. Children welcome and come for free.


Join John for this guided walk of discovery.


Meeting at Aho Studio, 13 Prince Edward Rd, E9 5LX. Hackney Wick, 10.30-11am. £35 Rsvp and payment via website or £40 on the day.


John has been for sometime now showing people where and how to identify edible foods that grow on our lands and in our cities. Why take a trip to a supermarket when you can forage for it and be out in nature and in the open air, walking and making a deeper connection to earth. I found it, liberating as well as picking fresh, tasting, learning and eating as we go your'll get to take a harvest home.


Hackney Marsh sits in a loop between two snaking branches of the Lea as it heads south towards the Olympic Park. There’s greenery all round – further north are Walthamstow and Tottenham Marshes, while less wild patches sit just off the towpath: Springfield Park, Markfield Park; Millfields Park.


There are rules. “It’s about being respectful,” he explains. “Don’t take everything. And always take from the centre, not the edge. The plants on the edge will drop bulbs and the patch will spread.”


In London, there’s barely a patch of soil that doesn’t support something edible. Plumes of rocket thrive in rusting metal brackets that line the canal, chicken-of-the-wood mushroom sprout on an old rotting sluice gate in the middle of the Lea, an apple tree is marooned on the opposite bank.


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