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Grandfather Ceremony hosted by Yaku & Kuntur, Sat 27th July, 10am - 7pm

Grandfather Ceremony hosted by Yaku & Kuntur, Sat 27th July, 10am - 7pm


Aho has the pleasure to announce a very special Ceremony with Yaku Amaru (Water Serpent) and Nina Kuntur (Fire Condor) who are life partners, both Qheswa natives from Pisac - the Sacred Valley of the Inkas (Cusco - Peru) who are coming to the Uk and bringing their Andean wisdom, music and medicines.


Wisdom of a culture with more than 5000 years old and highly admired for its achievement in the construction and development of precise and efficient tools that lead to a deep knowledge of our (holistic) being, and its harmonious integration with everything that surrounds it... a natural communion to the cosmic laws and forces that govern life, and coexist with it in an interdependent, conscious, respectful and loving interaction…. a fine, beautiful and delicate

balance with the whole.


When human beings, despite many attempts, are still unable to "find" what they are looking for and need, then the sacred grandparents master (plants) will be able to help us.


The Wachuma is a columnar cactus from South America, a very sacred master plant and with a long tradition in Andean ancestral medicine (7000 thousand years according to traces).


In this collective ceremony we will have the great opportunity to reactivate our cosmic memory and thus reconnect with our Great Family: plants, animals, stones, ancestors, spirits of nature, divinities of the universe... Reconnect with the depths of our being, a reconciliation with our energies, shadows and lights, activate and/or strengthen our personal power to reintegrate it into our being, into our life and thus become aware, regenerate, heal and fully enjoy ourselves and of the Life, in love with Love.


This ceremonial encounter with the grandfather Wachuma will take place mainly in a traditional

(ancestral) Andean framework, facilitated and woven with the unique forms of Yaku and Kuntur, and also open to sudden spontaneity that may arise in the moment. *8 hours long.


Yaku and Kuntur are guardians, carriers and transmitters of this ancient legacy that is a

sacred treasure of love. They live in love with their ancestral culture, they admire and

celebrate it through the recovery, protection, strengthening and dissemination of its

expressions, values and principles. Since 1990 they have promoted various cultural - social programs with which they managed to recover, reactivate and keep their culture alive, especially their worldview (cosmovison), music, ancestral celebrations.


Yaku is also a teacher of the ancestral language Runasimi (Quechua), she cultivates

traditional songs, practices biomagnetism as therapy, Andean ceremonial massage, etc.

Kuntur is also a builder of native musical instruments, a musician, composer, singersongwriter

and also a teacher and researcher of traditional-ancestral Andean music.

As a Sacred Mission, they two share "sowing" this millennial wisdom-medicine as a work

of spiritual-transformational service. At the same time that they are weaving with other

women and men who carry different contemporary knowledge and from other ancestral

cultures of our beautiful planet, thus creating a precious and powerful bridge of

interculturality that leads to the "flowering" of our personal-cosmic power... a new human

being... complete, loving, conscious, balanced and just that leads to a better world.


Contribution, (Ayni) £180. If you are on low income and wish to attend or have any questions please contact to discuss a concession.


Ceremony takes place in a Moloca, on a beautiful farm in Hainault, on the central line. The farm is set in beautiful acres of fields, with horses and wildflowers. The farm is a rustic haven, just a few stops from the city. Parking and camping onsite is also available. 


Details of diet and preparation will be sent to you.


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