Human Development for Times of Change: Workshop via Zoom. Thu, 4th June. 7-9pm


Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or unstable with the current situation?

Do you feel like you can give more and don't know how?

Do you think you are reaching a process of spiritual awakening and development of consciousness?

Do you want to know your true capabilities and know what you are capable of?

Are you ready to recognise your limitations and overcome them lovingly without fear?


If any of the above resonates with you join Renato Guerrero for a series of free talks and paid workshops via Zoom.


Renato will gladly attend to each of your concerns and help you in whatever it takes to project yourself into a space of self-mastery and self-recognition and work flexibly to create your best version!


Renato Guerrero, born in Chile, is a multidisciplinary therapist, empowerment and spiritual coach, medicine man, musician and researcher of the mysteries of life.


Today Renato concentrates his efforts on awakening consciousness through Human Development for the Times of Change, offering group and individual classes and sessions, adapting each modality to the person's current evolutionary process.


For one to one sessions contact Renato by the following


Thu May 14th

Free Talk - Understanding the changes

Opening awareness and self-recognition of evolutive processes

Meeting ID: 969 6884 1497 Password: 253230


Thu May 21st


Human Development for Times of Change

2hrs. £10 via website.


Thu May 28th

Free Talk - Recognition of virtues and self-love

How can I recognise my own abilities?

Meeting ID: 965 9232 0914 Password: 475392


Thu 4th June


Human Development for Times of Change

2hrs. £10 via website.


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