ICARO: an evening of ceremony, song and prayer via Zoom. Sat 27th Feb, 7-9pm

ICARO: an evening of ceremony, song and prayer via Zoom. Sat 27th Feb, 7-9pm


Aho is delighted to invite you to join julian Jurak (Apu inti Condor) in Peru, via zoom, for an evening of ceremony, song and prayer. You will be guided on a journey of self-discovery that encourages strength, clarity and love to flow as one family and community.

The evening will begin with an opening three word prayer of intention for all, to unify our energy in a beautiful way. And we will connect to the powerful Full Moon (Mama Quilla, Luna llena) energies and humbly call-in her assistance. We invite you to dance between the worlds (spirit and matter).

There will be space towards the end for participants to share a song or poem, play some music, make a prayer, or just speak some words from your heart!

Join us for this collective, online healing ceremony, to celebrate the song, ritual and prayer of life.

You will receive a sacred feather healing/blessing with copal, and an invocation to release all heavy energies (hoocha) and be replaced by positive healing vibrations (sami).

Julian lives a life dedicated to spirit. His healing journey really began in 1998 after a life changing experience, which led him to peace and service for others..He has been living and training in Bolivia and Peru with respected teacher's and and shamanic traditions since 2006. He would be honoured to share an on-line ceremonial blessing with you.

Icaro (ikaro) is a word from the Quechua indians (Inca's) of Peru, which means magic or alchemy expressed through song or other esoteric practice.

The evening includes:
Three word prayer for all
Opening and closing seven-direction prayer
Gong session
Harp session
Copal blessing
An invitation for participants to sing, play, share a poem or make a prayer

£22, 7-9pm via www.aho.community
Zoom link provided upon booking.

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