Introduction to Rapeh & Sound Journey


Rapeh is a sacred shamanic snuff medicine containing the ash of different plants, leaves, flowers and bark from the Amazon. It is taken through a special pipe by blowing it into the nose and has a clearing, calming and deeply meditative effect. The medicine can be a bit painful for the first 2/3 minutes as it clears out your sinuses but this passes quickly. The medicine affects people in different ways, it can make your eyes water, or make you produce saliva, or occasionally people may purge.


This ceremony has been specially designed to introduce the medicine to those taking it for the first time, all will be explained, you may take a very small dose if you wish and the group is kept small with a maximum of 10 places. We will take great care of you!

Just to add if you are experienced with Rapeh of course you are very welcome and if you want a large dose that’s absolutely fine.


The medicine will be offered twice and there will be a magical sound journey with gongs, bowls and icaros.


We look forward to introducing you to this beautiful medicine.

Jacqueline & Amanda


£33 via booking in advance essential.

Limited to 10 people only


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