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The jade egg practices are originated from the Chinese tradition.
These were secret practices of special knowledge to preserve youthfulness, sexual energy and feminine empowerment.
This information supports women on keeping and restoring their health, hormonal balance, pelvic floor health and magnetism.
It's benefits are both empowering and liberating, providing greater self-love, awareness and consciousness.

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As we follow this 2000 years old tradition, we engage ourselves into exercising the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, including energetic work to activate and move the sexual energy and meditation techniques to elevate and expend our perception.
The jade egg practices have the capacity to provide a profound and lasting transformation.
After only a few days of proper practice you might experience:
• Retain your sexual energy for your own enjoyment first and foremost
• Capacity to use your sexual power to build creativity, success, intuition, inner wisdom
• Awaken your feminine power, create more energy and joy in all areas of your life
• Enchanced feminine magnetism,
• Emotional balance, being at ease and peace with yourself and life.
The combination of these practices brings about a sense of deep connection to our bodies, which is one of the most important experience for a woman: feeling comfortable in the body, appreciating it, loving it – which is a doorway to joy and pleasure.
The sexual energy is the foundation of life, of our very existence. Sexual energy is spiritual energy and can be used as creative energy to enhance all of life and health, and as well to fuel higher spiritual practices. It provides support of emotional, psychological and sexual healing and transformation.
Some of the benefits of a jade egg practice:
• Increased libido, natural vaginal lubrication and awaken your sensuality
• Gain control over your vagninal muscles and increase sensitivity during intercourse and become much more orgasmic
• Regain the health and strength of your perineum and pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.
• Reduce PMS symptoms, duration of menses and menstrual cramps
• Enhance your tantra, qigong and yoga practice
• Balance hormones
• Level up on the worthiness, abundance, love, pleasure and romance that you really deserve
• Store the sexual energy in your body from the jade egg practice to increase energy level, self-love, self-worth and inner and outer radiance.
• Build your energy and connection to the body
• Connect with your body wisdom and body awareness.
All are welcomed to learn about these potent tools! Previous experience is not necessary! Come as you are, single, married or in a relationship!
Chandra was born in Hungary. I spent the past decade living in a yogic community in Asia, learning and teaching yoga, breathwork, meditation and tantric arts.
She has been a rebirthing breathwork practitioner for more than 10 years and a coach for the last six, embracing methodologies which facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.
As well a kundalini based hatha yoga teacher, a tantra practitioner and bodyworker and intimacy coach and has been facilitating emotional healing and empowerment practices since 2011, by applying various tools such as breathwork, tantric embodiment practices, meditation, yoga. Since 2015, I have been running internationally accredited teacher training programs on Rebirthing Breathwork facilitation.
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