Kambô Triple - Warrior Intensive by Sacred Tree Frog, Sat 1st Feb. 9.30am-5.30pm


It has long been known that the use of Kambô multiple times in quick succession can amplify and lengthen the benefits of working with this Medicine. According to those who seek to really strengthen their immune system, the interval between two treatments should be a maximum of 28 days, or one moon cycle. Longer than that and the Kambô has to start from scratch and re-open the energetic shell to access the deeper layers.


The Coboclos (half native and half non-native) of the jungle created 'the triple' to allow Westerners receiving the medicine to be able to access the same level of healing those in the tribes do. We in the West are different to the tribesfolk with harder energetic armouring and more complex social and toxicological diseases. 'The Triple' can be done over a moon cycle, three days or within one day. In this session we will be doing three one after the other. If you wish to do three in three days, this will also be possible on the 10,11 and 12th this weekend


In the jungle, the Katukina and Matses tribes take Kambô for many reasons. If used for hunting, it is taken several times a night before setting off the next morning. Otherwise the number of burns, the frequency of the treatments and the intention varies in each tribe. The main uniting reason to take Kambô is to remove ‘panema’, which translates as bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness, or a condition attracting difficulties and disease. When nothing is going right then it is the right moment to take Kambô, according to the tribes. Kambô is also used for many other reasons; as a tool for the young - to teach them discipline, as an aid to a difficult labour, as a treatment for snake bite, and much more...


Kambô has a powerful effect on the physical body causing a strong detoxification, while also clearing out the energetic channels that run through the body. In the Western world, we live a life much more toxic than the Tribes-people living in the rainforest. This retreat is set up to support our western bodies and sensibilities with this absolute reset for our entire systems. Kambô upregulates the immune system, balances the hormonal axis, resets the adrenals and tonifies the cardiovascular system. We are enhancing this recalibration with high-vibrational organic nourishment in a relaxing and beautiful space deep in the pristine Countryside. We will be calling on a plethora of additional tools, as needed, for helping to clear the emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic debris that we have gathered throughout our lives.


There are a few contraindicated conditions so it is important that you let us know if you intend to attend so we can send you a questionnaire and more information to screen you for suitability before you come.


Please contact Greg on info@sacredtreefrog.co.uk or 07800 889097 if you have any questions, or drop a note in this event if you intend to come. We will need your email address


The investment for the session is £170 per person to book visit www.aho.community website or for more information on Kambô please see link below: www.sacredtreefrog.co.uk/


NB: Kambô is NOT a psychedelic and is completely legal in the UK. All our medicine is obtained ethically with no injury to the frogs who are deeply respected and revered by the shamanic communities involved.

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