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Kambo Ceremony and Gong Journey, Tue, 30th April, 9.30am - 2.30pm

Kambo Ceremony and Gong Journey, Tue, 30th April, 9.30am - 2.30pm


Aho is honoured to collaborate with Greg Manning of Sacred Tree and Sunita at Akasa to offer a Kambo Ceremony and Gong bath.


About Kambo
Kambô is a secretion taken from a giant Amazonian tree frog, and applied to the lymph through small holes made in the outer layer of the skin. On a physical level, the bioactive peptides cause a deep physical purge of toxicity, and stimulation of the immune system. On an energetic level, the Kambô blast through blockages, and all the phenomena related to them, sometimes with incredible transformational effects.


About Greg
Greg has been a shamanic healer and teacher for over a decade, combining many disciplines. He has been working with Kambo for a decade and has served thousands of clients. His unique approach combines body energetic mapping with individuated timings and plans to create a very deep, yet safe and controlled application, supported by the technology of sacred ceremony.


About Gong journeys
Developed over hundreds of years, the mesmerising sound spectrum of gongs powerfully resonate the cells of the body into harmony, relaxing and reducing stress, and enhancing the integration of the Kambo ceremony. This is the perfect way to end a Kambo circle.


About Sunita
Sunita Kaur is a powerful facilitator and gong master who guides her audience towards inner connection through the power of sound & vibrations. Her unique approach creates unforgettable experiences that inspire positive change and leave a lasting impact on your well-being.


Kambo is too powerful for some bodies, so we ask participants to complete a form after payment, so we can make sure everything will be safe for you, and maximise the experience.


£123. To book your place, go to website.


Further details about Kambo can be found on Greg's website

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