Kambo Ceremony with Iwan Bran y Dderwen, Sat 8th Feb


Aho invites you to a Join Iwan Bran y Dderwen, also known by his Mexican name Quetzaltemoc and is a medicine man and torch-bearer of the people of this land, whose roots run deep into the Black Mountain, Breckonshire. For many years he immersed himself in study and practice within many shamanistic traditions, which took him to the Peruvian Amazon and Mexico, where he underwent many initiations and plant dietas. He first met Kambo in 2013 whilst working alongside Kaxinawa medicine men from Brazil. Soon after this he trained with master Kambo practitioner Sean Hamman for two years, gaining a thoroughly hands-on experience.


Iwan holds a safe and gentle space, working in stillness with a soft approach, allowing the medicine to go as deep as possible, to work its 'fiery' magic on each participant individually.


Kambo is a medicine traditionally used by many Amazonian tribes to cleanse the mind, body and spirit!


It systematically cleanses the liver and lymphatic system; boosts the immune system; removes any blockages; helps to put us in touch with our authentic selves; brings unresolved traumas to the surface to be released; helps us to let go of unhealthy patterns and addictions; heightens our intuition and vision; restores vitality; boosts our energy levels and helps increase motivation; makes way for the blossoming of our full potential.


Kambo is a secretion that is collected from the back of the Monkey Tree Frog. After drinking 2 litres of water, a thin piece of vine is heated with a flame, then small openings are burned into the skin - usually on the arms or legs... then the kambo is applied to those tiny openings.


The sensation itself is like a fiery heat.... with an increase in heart-rate and slight swelling around the lips and cheeks.


All impurities and 'old' energies are usually purged by vomiting into a bucket, but sweating, crying and also needing to go to the toilet are very common ways of releasing these negative influences and heavy energies.


The experience itself lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes, and is followed by a resting and rehydrating period of up to 2 hours,

depending on each individual's needs.


£75. Max 10 places. RSVP To reserve your place book via www.aho.community website.


To contact Iwan or if it's your first time. Email iwan.ap.huw.morgan@gmail.com

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