Kambo & Conscious Breathwork, Sat 8th Aug, 10am-1pm


Join Kambo Practitioner Charlotte Donachie and Transformational Breath Coach Susie Smith as they create heart centred ceremony combining the beautiful and profound healing of Kambo with Conscious Breathwork.


We will begin with the journey of Conscious Breathwork, opening up the body through the breath and releasing stored energetic and emotional blockages. After a short rest we will commence with Kambo, where the medicine can now find deeper pathways through the energetic and physical body to inspire greater levels of release. This powerful combination is designed to create strong emotional, mental and physical release whilst connecting us to the spirit of transformation.


Charlotte has been working with Kambo since 2016 and her deep relationship with the frog medicine lead her to Peru last year for further Shamanic initiation. Her philosophy remains centred around the power of the heart, and she creates space to cultivate deeper connection to soul and heart wisdom, so that we can each remember our Sovereignty and wake up to the power and love that resides within us all.


Susie Smith is a Transformational Breathwork Coach and Workshop Leader. A previous Stand up comedian, Susie brings her natural gift for joy and laughter to deep and profound cleansing through the breath, as she guides you through powerful emotional and physical release.


Limited to 6 places, £95 Payment and booking in advance via www.aho.community website to reserve a space.


Susie and Charlotte also talk existential nonsense on their regular enlightenment/unlightenment podcast ‘The Lightworkers Cafe’ - available on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms if you just google it.


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