Kambo with Marco and Susie: Every Sunday. 12-3pm

Kambo with Marco and Susie: Every Sunday. 12-3pm


AHO Studio is delighted to announce the return of Kambo with Marco and Susie every Sunday afternoon in their beautiful bespoke temple in Earls Court, a sanctified environment of love and healing, a comfortable and safe space where profound and true sacred healing takes place.


£50 in advance. RSVP: To confirm booking your place via www.aho.community website.


Limited to 6 people only. If you have taken the Vaccine it is advised to wait 10-14 days before receiving Kambo treatment.


If this is your first time or you have any questions please contact the Practitioners for an initial assessment. Text Marco Dean +44 7961 752007 or Susie Ung +44 7941 094294 and either will reply.

Marco and Susie's work with Kambo has seen them serving no less than 300 circles and applying kambo to thousands of people in London, where they have been witnessing profound healing and achieving results that is nothing short of amazing. The kambo medicines they work with has changed people's entire financial belief system, healed trauma, made loving relationships finally possible and filling people up with incredible luck.


Marco and Susie source their kambo sticks directly from Matses Chieftans and female hunter shamans, whose personal energies are of the highest vibration as "who collects your medicine" is necessary as unfortunately most kambo sticks on the market used are collected by children for a one stop operation. Whilst these sticks will still make you purge, they will not do much else as the medicine has to be collected by hunters with a lot of medicine in their system.


Marco and Susie receive their sticks within days of collection and its potency as well as the level of consciousness and transference of energy of its source brings an unmatched level of results and experience. These sticks possess a formidable force that not only makes a person highly attractive to others, but also showering them with opportunities and, on many occasions, assist people in instant manifestation where the thought becomes an actualised reality, goals being realised.


Marco and Susie's mission is to continually support, preserve and raise awareness and share these sacred medicine knowledge of the Amazon tribes wherever they go. They have hosted a number of fundraising events for the Yawanawa and Kaxinawa tribes and are committed to raise funds and promote the projects of these beautiful indigenous people. A portion of all the monies raised in Kambo ceremonies goes back to the tribes to support them with education, zero-waste projects and sustain their environment in order that their tribes and knowledge can be preserved.


Marco and Susie are also devoted students of ancient mythology and vedic studies and incorporate their learnings in unique ways to work with medicines. They continue to share their knowledge in sacred medicines to benefit and elevate wellness, awareness and consciousness to realise our full potential as a divine being and to continue refining their technique and knowledge with these medicines, bringing only the highest quality medicines direct from the source.

All kambo circles are hosted in a private beautiful space and vegan/vegetarian food is offered after the ceremony.


Most people who’ve taken kambo reported they feel more energised, have a profound sense of stillness and connection to nature, have more focus and clarity, experience an overall sense of well-being and emotional stability and an increase in abundance and opportunities.


You will need to bring 3 x 1.5 ltr bottles of room temperature water and wear loose comfortable clothes, layering is good. You must fast for minimum 7 hours prior, a light breakfast or lunch before 12 noon is good. A light tea or water can be taken during fast, not excessively. Avoid alcohol, drugs, meat, sugar and dairy for 24 hours.


Our full address is:
12 Old Manor Yard, SW5 9AB.

The gate through is next to Byron Burgers just by Earls Court Station exit.


Please read Aho Terms and Conditions.

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