Leo Full Moon, Breath Ceremony, Fri 29th Jan, 6-8pm

Leo Full Moon, Breath Ceremony, Fri 29th Jan, 6-8pm


This Leo Full Moon we are being guided into our relationship with CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Full Moons symbolise the point in our Lunar Calendar where there is the most light and most action.

Where there is naturally more light, symbolically our perceptions are illuminated. Leo energy is all about expression and loyalty. Here, during the festive season we are given the opportunity to send our awareness into these personal themes; exploring the question 'How can I use my creativity to honour my unique expression?'

Lisa Li would like to invite you to find some inner CREATIVE EXPRESSION, with a breath ceremony online via Zoom. Through BREATH, SOUND and MOVEMENT.


The session will begin with some short exercises to get back into the body, followed by a full explanation of how the ceremony will go. You will learn how to fully support yourself and resource yourself during the process in order to stay fully connected.


Lisa will also show you the renowned Somatic Experiencing process called Pendulation, which allows trapped emotions and energies within your body to safely move in a gentle integrative way. Lisa believes that we are each our own healer, nobody will heal us in the end only ourselves- we each have the power and the medicine within. And through these techniques we can begin to access our myriad of resources.


We will open the ceremonial space and guide you through the process with my voice and music/instruments. 


You can breathe with us from the comfort of your own bed, with laptop/phone set up in front of you.... or on a floor space with yoga mat, cushions, blanket. candles, scents, dim lighting preferable. Comfortable clothes and tissues recommended. 


The online ceremony will be held through zoom, and the zoom ID will be given to you  before the ceremony starts to join via email. 


£22.50. Via www.aho.community website, pay in advance. ​​​​​Zoom details will be sent to your email on the day.


Look forward to breathing with you.


Any questions do not hesitate to reach out.


Additional Information:

You can also learn more about the process by reading the following article, - "How I healed emotional wounds through Breathwork": www.ourgom.com/tips-for-integrating-old-emotional-wounds-breathwork/


Further information and reviews

***this is not suitable for anyone in pregnancy, with epilepsy, heart conditions... any conditions please make Lisa aware prior to ceremony

***please note no refunds or exchanges within 48 hours of ceremony, setting intention to sit in ceremony can bring up our “stuff” to be looked at, I would suggest last minute “not feeling well” to bring to ceremony

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