Orange Rose Codes with Sorcha Rose, Sun 5th July. 10am-1pm GMT


Via Zoom join Sorcha Rose for a Rose Embodiment Ceremony. A merging of ancient healing practices with the Rose Essence and Embodiment.


Sunday - 10AM - 1PM (UK Time) -

11AM - 2PM European Time

£33 via website.

The Zoom details will be sent to you via email on the day.





A Rose Ceremony is essentially a marriage ceremony, as it harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies within the body. This heart-opening ceremony restores balance within the physical and subtle bodies, and as our hearts open, we become more aware of our innate treasures and gifts. It serves as a catalyst to help us move into the next chapters of our lives. Simply put, healing our heart spaces and embarking on new adventures!


The Orange Rose is for a person that is consistently witnessing patterns arising and not seeing the root to the habit, it brings awareness to patterns of scarcity around finances, creativity, sexuality. Supporting our needs on an emotional, physical, mental + spiritual level. It helps us get in touch with the seasons + cycles of our lives, connecting to the true source of awakened sexuality, we learn to live life in abundance and good fortune.


It helps those that are looking to release karmic ancestral ties and consistent patterns of lack of abundance, disconnection to their sexual + creative experience in life. Touching on the themes of emotional suppression, insecurity, scarcity, safety, trust and shame. It teaches to live in balance, building confidence in our own sexual + creative expression.


We will be exploring these themes with prompts, diving into your own subconscious to uncover a deeper awareness to the patterns that existing in our reality. This can be on a personal + collective level. Within this journey with The Orange Rose we will be directly working with the energetic of this flower spirit and deva, to support our lives to flourish into these beneficial attributes. Through embodiment practice the codes + medicine of The Orange Rose can settle into the multiple energetic layers of your being, gifting a practical and grounded application for these powerful changes.


Answer the call of your heart and join Sorcha Rose with a heart-centered intention in mind. Together, we will journey and enjoy the medicine of the rose while Sorcha shares the richness of the properties and lore of this powerful flower teachings of Love, inviting us into this sacred temple space to experience the nature of ceremonial embodiment with roses. Sorcha will lead you on a Shamanic journey with a sound bath, as we practice plant ally spirituality and sacred feminine embodiment principles, to guide you onto a fulfilling path of self love.


You are already whole and completely healed, time to remember and embody that very essence!


Space in limited to participants, wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal, crystals other objects to set your sacred space.



- Rose Essence Healing

- Spiritual Herbalism

- Shamanic Journey

- Embodiment Practise

- Sacral Chakra Cleansing






This is part of 13 Moon Archetypal series with The Rose Codes. Medicine from an ancient flower teacher with incredible capacities to guide us home to our hearts.


On the full and new moon cycles, Sorcha Rose will be holding this space as we embrace the new blossoming of these aspects within us.


If your interest to experience all the rainbow of the teachings of Rose Flower Medicine! Sign up for other events + retreats or for 1:1 sessions go to





Review from David Scarna - “Very deep transformative work. Sorcha is a beautiful humble teacher, I recommend her ceremonies with all my heart. The connection with the mysteries of The Rose is heartfelt, ancient, healing. I can’t wait to work with her medicine again.”


Sorcha Rose is a Shamanic Practitioner, holding space for life’s rites of passage in ritual + ceremony. She carries the medicine of rose + it’s codes as a powerful path of empowerment, self actualization and self love. After many years in Mexico, she has assisted many temezcals and ceremonial dances as she walks a red road path, fusing these teachings alongside her deep love for the feminine mysteries. She guides pilgrimages throughout the world to pray in the sacred caves of the earth and she devotes her giving back to social change, in supporting more women to recognize the power of their womb and the sacredness of waters of life. This is through her work hosting indigenous midwives from around the world and offering free womb health education to women globally. To support this project please feel free to get in touch.

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