Sacred Tobacco Ceremony hosted by Benjamin Wati Wara, Sun May 17th, 1-5pm

Sacred Tobacco is considered to strengthen the spirit and is regarded to be the 'King' of all of the plants. Sacred Tobacco (Mapacho) that will be used in the ceremony has a long history of traditional ceremonial use and is very different to the commercial strains of Tobacco.
The ceremony will be led by the Curandero, Benjamin Wati Wara. In the ceremony, a special Tobacco preparation is consumed or will be connected with in other ways.Throughout the ceremony there will be sacred songs and personal healings by Benjamin and also plenty of opportunities to be quiet, connect with your body, spirit and the medicine. Sacred Tobacco medicine is very powerful. The medicine helps us by bringing us great strength, grounding, purification and helping us release of those things which do not serve to bring us back into harmony so we can embody our potential. The ceremony is an opportunity to reconnect deeply with yourself, to nature and the spirit of Tobacco.
A percentage of the proceeds from this ceremony goes towards supporting Indigenous Healers that Benjamin works with.
£85. To book your place visit website
Limited to 10 people.
About Benjamin Wati Wara
Over the last 20 years, Benjamin has spent extensive time living and learning from traditional healers in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia. Benjamin brings this knowledge to all of his teaching and healing work. Benjamin has spent long periods in the Amazon undertaking apprenticeship and has worked with many Curanderos (healers) there. Benjamin completed his apprenticeship as a Tabaquero, with one of the most renowned and skilled Tabaquero’s in Peru, fulfilling the difficult training necessary to work with Amazonian Medicines.
"I have tried many modalities which I have found to be healing but wow, there is nothing that compares to Tobacco for changing your life and setting on the right path, it is a very powerful catalyst for personal change and right interaction with others" Y.S
"I genuinely trusted Ben to lead me through this completely new experience. He has been very professional at all times and he has heaps of experience gained through his shamanic education in various parts of the world. After the ceremony, I felt very happy and was able to appreciate my life more. Ben is not only a lovely person with a positive aura around him but also he is very professional and genuinely loves helping people" M.S
For Consideration
Once you have signed up to the ceremony Benjamin will be in touch with you to make sure that you can participate and guidance to the preparation will be sent out to you before the ceremony.
Tobacco ceremony is an undertaking that should be respected and should only be considered for those committed to doing the work required before, during and after. Tobacco is very safe, however Tobacco should not be consumed by those with asthma, who are pregnant or those with a history of psychosis, acute mental health issues or heart conditions. If you suffer from any health problems and are unsure if you will be able to attend please do ask.
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