NOW FULL. Shamanic Energy Healer Training, 3rd-4th April, Deposit

NOW FULL. Shamanic Energy Healer Training, 3rd-4th April, Deposit


Unleash The Healer Within. Aho is delighted to offer a weekend of Shamanic Healer Training Hosted by Copal Daselva. 

This is the first part of a modular energy healing course for both beginners and more experienced healers. Each module is spread over 2 days (10.10am-17.17pm daily) and builds on an ever expanding palette of colourful skills which you will be able to share with friends, family and clients.

This module could be considered a stand alone course as it contains everything you will need to be able to perform energy healing both for yourself and another person from start to finish to a professional standard. It also includes a Shamanic Energy Healer Initiation.

The two day course offers plenty of theory as well as practical exercises. You will learn amongst other things, techniques to protect yourself from picking up unwanted energies and there will also be lots of opportunity to practice.

This training has, for years, been taught in an ''in-person' workshop environment but has been modified to accommodate our current world situation and thus will be presented over Zoom. The new changes will include a spotlight on distance or remote healing and offers you the opportunity to share your place with a friend for a significant 'Sharing-is-Caring' discount. (More details below).

Shamanic Energy Healer certificates will be awarded at the end of this module after which further modules of the course are accessible in any order you choose.

The investment in the course is on a sliding scale as we don't want those on a lower income to be excluded. After all, the world needs healers now, perhaps more than ever before.

The Full price is: £250 for the full weekend of training.

To book your place please put down a £51 (non refundable) deposit to hold your place. Via website.

For those on a lower incomeor unwaged please write to

The balance can be settled anytime before the course or send full payment.

If you have someone with whom you'd like to partner with and take advantage of the £60 ''Sharing-is-Caring' discount, you must both register for the course separately, decide how the discount will be shared 50/50 or otherwise and settle your balances accordingly. See more details when booking.

Please note previous courses have all been full & sadly some people who wanted to were not able to attend. We recommend you book your place early.

If you'd like to know more about Copal and the training, please check out Copal's YouTube channel:


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