Shamanic Sound Healing with Pete Bengry, Sat 14th Dec, 7-9pm


Aho is honoured and delighted to invite you to join Pete Bengry and receive a sound healing based on over 30 years experience in shamanism and over 40 playing percussion. An introductory talk is offered based on shamanism and his invitation towards this sacred work. An intention is created inviting a sincere and potent pathway into a deep state of relaxation for the mind, body and soul. It is a brilliant opportunity for the genius of the body to experience deep inner healing and witness the mind question how it is possible?


This event is an intimate invitation to the potential possible human being which we can all attain in our lives. The weaving of voice, percussion and drum transports the self to the sacred seed allowing the body to become the garden as the mind nurtures its growth. An event where people are left amazed without disappointment.


Throughout this experience you will:

• Allow the body to integrate what the mind is wishing to share without analytical behaviours

• Reach an incredibly deep space of relaxation

• Welcome and respond to the sacred self as a seed one can germinate within the souls presence in the body

• Travel deeply into a shamanic experience safely without any previous training

• An authentic invitation to shamanism and my presence as a shamanic practitioner and healer within sacred sound

• Experience and witness the magic a lifetime dedicated to the drum as a healing tool within shamanism

• You will not be disappointed


Price: £20 booking in advance via website or £22 on the night. Limited to 15 places, Non Refundable.


Pete Biography:

Pete’s journey began as a child; being naturally rhythmic he was lucky enough to witness the Zulus sing, drum and dance in Africa. Receiving a drum at ten influenced his commitment to its presence and later became an invitation into shamanism. Following the guidance from spirit, it is this connection that has remained present throughout his life. Whilst exploring this sacred partnership, he joined the band ‘Cornershop’ in 1994. Later in 1998, they achieved number one with the song ‘Brimful of Asha’. His skills have not just remained in music. His devotion towards the drum has empowered him to master the rhythmic essence of healing sounds. Providing such sensitive awareness that he witnesses its presence in both silence and sound. It is this harmony that enables him to work so deeply and accurately in his healing practice ‘Being in Beauty’.


His childhood commitment towards the drum continues to influence all aspects of his life, internationally he is considered adept within his field.


Pete is endorsed by Meinl Percussion, Sonic Energy, Roland, REMO, Paiste, Zoom, Shure and Protection Racket. When he is not travelling and teaching, he composes music and writes short stories and poetry.



“Pete Bengry has devoted his life to helping others heal on all levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually. He has such a wealth of information to share with both clients and students. To witness his sensitivity, merging music with his shamanic work is truly extraordinary. I highly recommend his workshops and his sacred work as a shamanic practitioner”.


Sandra Ingerman, author of ten books on shamanic healing including ‘Walking in Light: The everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.’


The loose, rolling grooves produced by the wonderful percussionist Pete Bengry, transported the collective psyche towards an altered state. The Guardian.


Please see Pete's new book available on Amazon in the UK and the USA:


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