Shamanism & Medicine Wheel Foundation Course Online. Tue 29th Nov, 7-9.30pm

Shamanism & Medicine Wheel Foundation Course Online. Tue 29th Nov, 7-9.30pm


Aho in association with Miguel Da Silva (The Healing Pathways) and Gareth Hughes (Earth Rites) are honoured to offer The Foundation Course into Shamanism consisting of 16 online lessons every fortnight on a Tuesday 7-9.30pm via zoom and 2 in-person retreats. The course is supported by videos, audio recordings, a private Facebook group, homework and additional handouts.


Shamanism is needed now more than ever in order to help dream a new and better world into being. Shamanism is a journey of self-discovery, of self-healing, and of connection. It teaches you how to become more of who you are. Shamanism can help you to overcome obstacles in your life and give you direction through some very simple but deeply effective techniques.


Through shamanism you learn how to world around you is continuously giving you messages about yourself and what you can do to heal yourself. It teaches you that when you truly connect with the energies, the spirits, and the natural world around you real and lasting change is possible.


This is a very powerful and challenging course that teaches you how to take your power back and be empowered by events from your past and present in order to change your future.

The course is divided into 4 main parts

The South
Is where you learn to let go of the wounds and traumas from your past and is comprised of 4 lessons with the theme “Everything Starts and Ends with You”. We’ll be working with the Serpent archetype

1st Nov: The shaman's world
15th Nov: Serpent, the first archetype
29th Nov: Walking softly on the earth
13th Dec: Shamanic Journeying


The West
Is where you learn to overcome fear and work with your shadows and is comprised of 5 lessons with the theme “Exploring your inner landscape” We’ll be working with the Jaguar archetype

3rd Jan: Entering the jungle
17th Jan: Defence against the dark arts
31st Jan: Meeting your shadow
14th Feb: See, sense or perceive?
28th Feb: Overcoming death

South and West Retreat Day 4th March 2023
• Journey to Jaguar/Serpent
• Past Life Journey
• Extractions
• Clearing a room
• Healing Icaro’s
• Bands of Power of the Munay-Ki and much more!


The North
Is where you learn to find magic and joy in everything and is comprised of 5 lessons with the theme “Magic, Joy, and Manifesting abundance” We’ll be working with the Hummingbird archetype

14th march: The ancestors
28th march: Finding magic and joy
11th April: The Record keepers, Stone People, and Crystals
25th April: Hover with hummingbird
9th may: Despachos and Prayers


The East
Is where you step in to your mastery and is comprised of 2 lesson with the theme “Learning to fly”. We’ll be working with the Eagle/Condor archetype

23rd may: November: Ready to Fly
6th June: Sailing the Seas of Time


The Centre
Is where you find balance between all the directions and is comprised of 1 lesson with the theme “Responsibility and Power”. It’s the place at the core of the wheel and the start of a new journey. We'll be working with the Alpaca archetype

20th June: finding the centre / next steps the big wheel awaits Shamanic Q&A and Closing Ceremony 4th July Your chance to ask us any questions about anything covered on the course

North/East/Centre Weekend Retreat 15th – 16th July 2023
• Journey to Eagle
• Journey to Tatewari (Grandfather Fire)
• Nature Walk
• Fire Ceremony
• Crystal healing
• Spirit Boat Journey to the Ancestors
• Mini Vision Quest
• Oracle Cards and Divination
• Hap and Sananga Ceremony


About the course
The course will place focus on the core elements of shamanism and we will cover, amongst other things, the following
• Principles and basic concepts of shamanism
• Setting intent
• Sacred space and smudging
• Shamanic journeying
• Removing negative energies, attachments, entities
• Death and fear
• Working with the spirits, nature, and the stone people
• Shamanic healings
• Despachos and fire ceremony


Online lessons are £30 per person per lesson. Zoom link will be sent upon payment. (please pay in advance via Aho Community website)

One day retreats are £120 per person


Bringing traditional shamanism into the 21st century and making it our own is at the core of what for us modern shamanism is all about. Shamanism is always shifting and changing as times change. The teachings from those that came before us as just as valid and needed today as they were in the past.


Our shamanic foundations took root in the Peruvian traditions. Those traditions are not ours but sit at the centre of the Peruvian culture and beliefs. They have been part of their lives for centuries. We recognised the value in those traditions and found a way to use their transformative energies and adapt them to our own local culture and energies. By combining them we very quickly became aware of their empowering and transformative potential.


The way in which we teach shamanism is by first making you recognise that everything starts and ends with you. It is not about finding answers outside of yourself or to place trust in all-knowing gurus. It's all about you. Within our courses there is no hierarchy, and there is no wise enlightened being to give you the answers. You learn through experiencing everything for yourself.


Within our courses we aim to create a sense of community, of belonging. Within the community we support and encourage each other on the path to real empowerment. Shamanism puts full control back with yourself, the control to create your own reality.


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