Shamanism & the Medicine Wheel Foundation Course, starts Tue, 22nd Sept

Miguel Da Silva and Gareth Hughes in association with Aho are honoured to offer a Foundation Course into Shamanism and The Medicine Wheel. Starting Tue 22nd Sept 2020
Shamanism is a journey of self-discovery, of self-healing, and of connection. It teaches you how to become more of who you are. Shamanism can help you to overcome obstacles in your life and give you direction through some very simple but deeply effective techniques.
Through shamanism you learn how to world around you is continuously giving you messages about yourself and what you can do to heal yourself. It teaches you that when you truly connect with the energies, the spirits, and the natural world around you real and lasting change is possible.
It is a very powerful and challenging course that teaches you how to take your power back and be empowered by events from your past and present in order to change your future.
During the course of the 25 lessons, which are held once a fortnight on Tuesday evenings, we will cover various core aspects of shamanism and the medicine wheel including:
• What is a shaman and what is shamanism
• Shamanic healing
• Opening and closing sacred space
• Importance of Love, Share, Non-Judgement, Honour, Integrity, Trust
• The Medicine Wheel and its archetypes
• Shamanic journeying
• Negative energies and removal of attachments
• Connecting with nature
• Icaros and teacher plants
• Healing with crystals
• Despachos
During the course you will have real experiences in each of the directions of the medicine wheel. The archetypal energies will weave their way into your daily lives opening you up to real change, healing, and empowerment.
You will go through several rites of passage during the course and you will be assigned homework to help you incorporate shamanic practices into your daily lives.
Gareth and I have our shamanic foundations rooted in the Peruvian traditions. We also know that those traditions are at the centre of their local culture and beliefs. They belong to them and they have been part of their lives for centuries. We use their transformative energies and adapt them to our own local culture and energies. By combining them we very quickly became aware of their empowering and transformative potential. We started to see people really connecting with that new shamanic energy for personal growth, healing, and empowerment.
Bringing traditional shamanism into the 21st century and making it our own is at the core of what for us modern shamanism is all about.
The teachings at the centre of shamanism are the same in all shamanic traditions. We all understand that everything starts and ends with ourselves, that the reality we see every day is just an illusion, and that we are all connected to each other and the world around us.
Shamanism is not about finding answers outside of yourself, it's all about you. There is no hierarchy, there is no wise guru to give the answers, there is no dogma. You learn through experiencing.


We are all on the same level, connected and united as one community. Through that unity within the community we support and encourage each other on the path to real empowerment. Shamanism puts full control back with yourself, the control to create your own reality, to really find out who you are and why you are here.
This course is based on and inspired by the teachings we have received from our teachers and by our own experiences as shamans. The core of what we teach originates in South America but also includes influences from other shamanic and pagan traditions. It is a real honour for us to share these amazing teachings with you.
We fully honour the teachings and those that gave them to us and our intention is to pass them on with integrity, honour, dedication, laughter, love, and truth.
The course will run for 25 lessons over 50 weeks starting on Tuesday 22nd Sept, 2020 and then every fortnight.
You are more than welcome to come to the first lesson without obligation.
Payment Options,
- £35 per lesson and for the first lesson paid in advance via website and thereafter every week.
- We will also accept cash payments on evening lessons.
- £65 a month via direct debit/bank transfer/cash for 2 lessons.
- £160 every 5 lessons, quarterly via direct debit/bank transfer
For more information please contact Miguel Da Silva or Gareth Hughes on Facebook

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