Siberian Wisdom for the Healing Family Lineage with AAYLA, Wed 12th Aug


Aho Welcomes Siberian shaman Aayla. Coming from the Altai Mountains to the UK.


For centuries, information about the important role of the Lineage in human life has been hidden, and ties with the Lineage destroyed, because of the broken ties with our ancestors, we have lost a huge power that gives everything: health, wealth, and happiness in family life.


As a woman it is your duty to reveal the secret of your Lineage and pass it on to your children. Therefore only you will be able to understand where the Power goes from the Lineage to bring it back.


If the field of your lineage is polluted by the vicious deeds and thoughts of ancestors, then it is almost impossible for descendants to live a normal life.


There are only a few cultures in the world that kept this knowledge intact, and shamanism is one of them.


This event has been born as a result of answers to thousands of questions asked by Aayla’s students over the last 23 years. Its basis is the ancient knowledge of shamanism; Respect for ancestors, love in the world around and within, and Aayla’s personal experience.


At this event, You will learn how your family affects your destiny.

Why do you or your relatives have setbacks, illnesses and how to stop them.



- Learn how to manage the power of your health

- protect yourself from financial crises, stresses and depressions

- gain stability in relationships and material well-being



- Creating a protective field from all suffering, stress and negative influences.


Energy exchange: £35. Limited to only persons.

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Aayla is a master of the Gyud technique, and through work with the subconscious she solves serious problems such as hereditary diseases, celibacy wreath, various phobias and so on. Aayla is engaged in charity, and directs the money from the seminars to help orphans, old people and refugees. She is an environmentalist, a member of the Green party. In many cities, where the shaman held events, activities on gardening and garbage collection were held under her leadership. Couple years, she initiated expeditions to purify the nature of Altai, Lake Baikal and southern Kazakhstan.


Aayla Shaman has been helping people around the world for more than 20 years. She takes a regular part in charity events in more than 40 countries. Aayla Shaman, her students and assistants help everyone who asks them for help.


Elderly people, children, the lonely, homeless, survivors of violence and the seriously ill.


We should not divide deeds into more or less important ones. Neither should we divide grief into our own and someone else’s. It was Aayla Shaman and the volunteers who took part in extinguishing forest fires in Siberia.


The energy of kindness and care returns to you, amplified hundreds of times. You can start with the simplest things. Let us make our world kinder and happier together!


🌾 Aayla is a Siberian shaman, who has been involved into shamanism for over 20 years already. Shaman Aayla helps people to solve their problems: find a beloved one, gain peace and harmony in family relationship, educate children, heal physical and psychical diseases (even in cases where classic medical science is no longer able to help), improve financial wellness, get rid of debts.


🌍 Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. All her life she has been devotedly guiding people in their personal development on the way to happy, independent and powerful life and supporting them with her conscious and practical approach.


🌾 Her other spiritual duty is to keep the energetic balance of the Earth. Through her global substantial rituals, seminars, lectures and expeditions to the places of force all over the word Aayla Shaman helped people and their environment to coexist peacefully.


As one of the closest apprentices of the greatest Caucasian shaman in Siberia Kudai Kam, she herself is a canal transmitting special cosmic knowledge.


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