Spring Equinox Drum Ceremony Hosted by Seán Ryan

Balancing Alban Eilir: Spring Equinox Drum Ceremony.
Aho Brothers and Sisters come and join us as we tune into the earths energies and celebrate the Vernal equinox, the second Celtic spring festival which is a perfect time to seek balance, energy and rejuvenation.
All to often as we go about our busy lives we get distracted and to forget to connect to nature and the earths cycles. This often leads to a sense of disconnection and imbalance. Join us as we drum to celebrate the quickening energies of the earths cycles and all forms of balance.
Here we can energise and rebalance ourselves in preparation for the oncoming year.
The evening will feature drumming, journeying and a short Alban Eilir ceremony.
No experience required.
Please bring a drum/rattle and an open heart (a few drums and rattles are available for loan if you don’t have them).
At 7pm at Aho Studios, just a 2 minute walk from Hackney Wick Overground
Limited to 15 places, £22 Payment in advance or cash on the night via www.aho.community website to reserve a space.
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