SUFI Whirling with Karolina Alvarez


Aho is delighted to introduce and welcomes Karolína Alvarez who has graduated in Arts and Humanity sciences at Universities of Prague. She is an artistic documentarist and spent her life travelling to countries with strong native culture (Himalayas, New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia,..)


In most of these countries she is teaching and presenting sufi whirling. She received transmission of this technique from direct lineage of sufi masters and has a permission to teach it in open way. She is practicing sufi whirling more than 20 years and recommends sufi whirling as an alternative to any kind of body work. Any age and any profession is ok. The goal of this event is to learn the whirling method free of any discomfortable effects.


We will whirl with socks, without shoes. Karolina is active in out door sports - snowboarding, canoe, horse riding, trekking and running. She participates at 3 weeks ceremonial run and mountain marathon in Mexico. She will also be playing the guitar and singing ceremonial songs.


Limited to 15 places, £22 Payment in advance or £25 cash on the night via website to reserve a space.




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