Supermoon Ceremony & Gong Bath, Mon, 9th March. 7.30-10pm


A ceremony to mark this powerful phase of the moon. The Full Moon in March is the Worm Moon, which is a Supermoon and it is usually considered the last Full Moon of winter. 9th March, 5.47pm


Join us on this occasion where we will begin by smudging and a holding a mapacho ritual. There will be a meditation to calm and ground you then a wiccan ritual to release anything in your life which is holding you back. We will finish with a 60 minute sound bath of gongs, bowls, koshi chimes, chacapa leaves and icaros to soothe and nurture you.


This is a very special ceremony to us. First timers are most welcome, all will be explained.


We have lots of mats, cushions and blankets but if you want to bring more from home feel free, we want you to be as cosy as possible.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony (7.15pm) so you can settle in and get comfortable.


Jacqueline & Amanda xx


£33 via booking in advance essential.

Limited to 16 people only


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