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Sweat Lodge Ceremony: Sat 8th April. 12-5pm

Sweat Lodge Ceremony: Sat 8th April. 12-5pm


The Sweat Lodge Ceremony offers a sacred place for introspection and connection, just a few miles outside of the City. Re-connect with nature and your essential wildness on Berkeley farm.


Our purpose is to gather and offer our prayers, in union with nature. It's from this place we can free our mind of distractions, and connect to our no egoic sense of self.


The process is a highly sacred, ancient rite of purification, long revered for its connection to the elements. The Sweat Lodge Ceremony consists of four rounds; earth, air, water, fire. This is to re-balance all 4 layers of our bodies; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.


The physical benefits of the Sweat are: Cleanses the lungs, tones the nervous system, stimulates the immune system promotes free flowing of energy in the body. A key emotional benefit of the Sweat is the symbolism of returning to the womb space, there is great opportunity to connect with the inner child, and heal in this safe ceremonial space.


At Aho, we believe that nature is the ultimate medicine. And being in contact with her highly healing. During the Sweat you will be encouraged to make contact with the lower earth, grounding and rooting the lower chakras. Making contact with the Ancestral realm, the natural world and all our relations.


The Sweat Lodge will be held by Omar, who has a commitment with Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and his path is to help the people to heal themselves, by sharing the teachings he has learnt walking this path for 9 years now with the sacred mountain of the vision quest and now he is part of the Sundance family.


The location for the Sweat is Berkeley Farm, Manor Rd, Lambourne End in Hainault on the central line. Closest tube is Grange Hill or Hainault. The farm is set in beautiful acres of field, with horses and wild flowers. The farm is a rustic haven, just a few stops from the city. Parking onsite is also available.


You are welcome to camp for the night and enjoy the farm if you are travelling far at an extra cost of £20 per person. To be paid on the day in cash.


Schedule will go as follows:
Arrive by 12pm Saturday
Sweat Lodge 1.30pm
Food Share around the fire 4pm
Close 5pm


What you will need to bring:
2 towels, for men bring shorts and women swimsuit, sarong, dress or equivalent (to wear in the lodge) Warm clothing for afterwards.


A wholesome warm soup is offered but you are welcome to bring your own snacks to share.


£80 per person. Limited to 16 people
If you are on low income please don't let this stop you from coming. We offer a discount of £40 which is half the full amount by using the code: LOW INCOME

Go to to book your place.


Further details will be emailed to you upon booking or if you have any questions contact


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