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Sweat Lodge, Sun 26th May 11am-4pm

Sweat Lodge, Sun 26th May 11am-4pm


Aho invites you to a Sweatlodge Ceremony at Berkeley Farm where on this special occasion, we will work with different types of herbs and plants to bring an environment of healing and relaxation.


The Sweat Lodge Ceremony offers a sacred place for introspection and connection, just a few miles outside of the City. Re-connect with nature and your essential wildness on Berkeley farm.


The purpose of this ceremony is to heal the wound of abuse. Many of us have received abuse from unconscious men and women. This will be the place to take another step in releasing stagnant situations that do not allow you to flow in life.


The Sweat Lodge its a hand made hut, usually dome-shaped and made with natural materials, used by indigenous peoples of the Americas for ceremonial steam baths and prayer which insdide creates an environment similar to a sauna, where the steam helps not only to relax, but also to enter higher states of consciousness.


Hosted by Renato Guerrero an alchemist and medicine man from Chile who has extensively facilitated Sweatlodge ceremonies here in the uk and around the world. 


Typically the stones are heated and then water poured over them to create steam. In ceremonial use, these ritual actions are accompanied by traditional songs and prayers.


The Sweat Lodge Ceremony consists of four rounds; earth, air, water, fire. This is to re-balance all 4 layers of our bodies; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.


The physical benefits of the Sweat stimulates the immune system promotes free flowing of energy in the body. A key emotional benefit of the Sweat is the symbolism of returning to the womb space, there is great opportunity to connect with the inner child, and heal in this safe ceremonial space.


We believe that nature is the ultimate medicine. And being in contact with her highly healing.


During the Sweat you will be encouraged to make contact with the lower earth, grounding and rooting the lower chakras. Making contact with the Ancestral realm, the natural world and all our relations.


The location for the Sweat is Berkeley Farm, Manor Rd, Lambourne End in Hainault on the central line. Closest tube is Grange Hill or Hainault. The farm is set in beautiful acres of field, with horses and wild flowers. The farm is a rustic haven, just a few stops from the city. Parking onsite is also available.


Schedule will go as follows:
Arrive by 11am Sunday
Sweat Lodge 12.30pm
Food Share around the fire 3pm
Close 4pm


What you will need to bring:
2 towels, for men bring shorts and women swimsuit, sarong, dress or equivalent (to wear in the lodge) Warm clothing and any snacks to share around the fire afterwards.


£90 per person. Limited to 20 people
If you are on low income please don’t let this stop you from coming. We offer a concession price of £50 by using the code: LOW INCOME MAY

If you feel called to learn about sweat lodges and volunteer, get in touch with either or Renato on @renatoguerrero777


More about Renato
Whatsapp + +44 7833 498122

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