Tantric Temple Workshop hosted by Vikki Oriah, Wed 4th march, 7-9.30pm


This is an embodied neo-tantra workshop. It’s suitable for all levels, and is a safe space to explore your connection to yourself, others and awaken your tantric potential.


The workshop will help you get out of your head and connected to your body, to feel your desires and boundaries. It's a great introduction to tantra for those who are curious.


There will be no nudity, no touch but it will feel very intimate and go deep.


It will be a beautiful heart-centred journey that will allow you to open gateways for feeling more pleasure and expansion.



Temple spaces have existed throughout time in various ancient cultures. The tantric temple celebrates the divine feminine, involves initiation, worship and is shrouded in mystery. In our context for this workshop, the temple is a sacred space where awareness, embodiment and ritualistic practice happens and all parts of us are welcome.


We will tune into our own divinity and see how we can use sexual energy as a portal to awakening and healing.


The workshop focuses is on direct experience and practice, rather than long explanations, thus allowing participants to receive an embodied transmission of the teachings.



Tantric meditation and visualisation

Sacred eye gazing

Embodied breath & movement practices

Feeling our desires

Expressing our boundaries

Circulating sexual energy

Sharing our authentic truth

This event brings consciousness to sexuality. It is a way to deepen your spiritual evolution, through your most powerful force. Plus be in your own sovereign power.


There is an emphasis on slowing down, taking our time and observing how we feel in each experience. We are not in a race to go anywhere. It is a practicing in surrender and allowing the unfolding of present moment awareness.


£35. To book your place visit www.aho.community website

Limited to 20 people.



Bring a water bottle

Wear loose comfortable clothes

All sexual orientations and genders welcome




"I loved the facilitation. Vikki is just utterly incredible as a presence... Such life and passion with a really warm, inviting and knowledgeable delivery."


"For me it was intense, heart opening, vulnerable, introspective, exciting and awakening!"


"Flowing, warm and safe, it was a really good atmosphere and the energy was great!"


"Fun, exciting, well held, relaxed and friendly :)"


"Vikki is an absolute beaming light of excitement, warmth and aliveness. I adore being in her presence and how much her personality adds to the experience".


"A lovely, enriching, confidence boosting evening of connection".



Vikki Oriah is a sensuous, embodied, passionate practitioner of the sacred temple arts. She has been on a journey that took her from self hatred and body shame to radical sovereignty of her own erotic nature and unconditional self love.


She is a tantric practitioner and temple priestess - having studied in the jungles of Koh Phangan and ashrams of India. She is a Women's Tantra Facilitator, Tantric Breathing Instructor and Belly2Belly facilitator in-training. Awakening people to their erotic innocence and orgasmic aliveness.


After 3 years in Asia studying sacred sexuality with many teachers and modalities, she's back in the UK to spread the wisdom of living embodiment and tantric alchemy.


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