The Gong Father: Quantum Sound Journey. Fri 31st Jan, 7-9pm


AHO is delighted to introduce Roger Gong known as The Gong Father for this special Quantum Soundjourney.


A Soundbath, Sound Meditation or Sound Journey is a sensory audio experience. The sense of calm can be likened to many years of accumulated meditation practice - all at once entering your being – this feeling can remain with you for days into weeks in some instances.


To participate could not be easier. It takes very little effort on the part of the receiver. All that is required of the participant is for them to show up and either lie down. A series of dissonant sounds from healing gongs and other instruments, including precious metal Himalayan Singing Bowls, take you on a journey unlike any other.


Each experience is unique and there is no previous experience required.


Roger first experienced the effects of Sound-healing in Mysore Southern India in early 2010; introduced to a process using Himalayan bowls by Akhil Anka of the Temple of Singing Bowls. He came away from his two week initiation process 'floating.' Returning to the UK hungry to share the benefits of live sound vibrations in his his yoga classes - he has worked with sound ever since.


Various holistic studies outside of the traditional yoga framework contribute greatly to this work. Roger has studied extensively in India and is a certified Senior Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and lifetime student.


A balancing deeply relaxing journey to allow a return to the free flowing stress–free state of inner harmony. When we step away from time we find the natural state of Love. This is where the body does its own magic.


The evening will start with a guided active meditation to prepare the mind body for optimum receptivity to the experience.


An inner profound Journey awaits from a selection of gongs, singing bowls and various other percussive instruments.


Roger is an accomplished intuitive practitioner of yoga and a sound therapist of 10 years’ experience.


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£18 Advance. £20 on the door. Limited to 18 places, booking essential via website.


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