The Ultimate Liberation Workshop with Chloe Connect, Thu 12th Dec, 7-9pm

Free your soul and let go of energy which is no longer serving you in the Ultimate Liberation Workshop with Ecstatic Dance, Chakra Activation, mindset work journaling and guided meditation to get you to the next level of yourself and break free form the energy blocks and limiting beliefs which are holding you back.
Through Reiki healing you will re-connect with your innate ability to heal your body. After this workshop you will feel aligned in mind, body and spirit. Grounded, Deeply Connected & Energised.
You will receive a guided meditation and the workshop playlist for everyday dance, self healing and relaxation.
This workshop is led by Chloe, a Healing and Mindset Coach, who has worked as a Sports Therapist, Trainer and Pilates Coach, Reflexologist & Reiki Healer over the last nine years.
She is deeply passionate about helping you reconnect to your body and truest self by letting go of the mental, emotional and physical energy that is no longer serving your highest potential.
RSVP £20 in advance or £22 on the night via website. Limited to 15 people.
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