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Traditional Andean Concert with Yaku & Kuntur at Akasa - Thu 25th July, 7-10pm

Traditional Andean Concert with Yaku & Kuntur at Akasa - Thu 25th July, 7-10pm


Aho has the pleasure to announce a very special Concert at Akasa (Hackney Wick) with Yaku Amaru (Water Serpent) and Nina Kuntur (Fire Condor) who are life partners, both Qheswa natives from Pisac - the Sacred Valley of the Inkas (Cusco - Peru) who are coming to the Uk and bringing their Andean wisdom, music and medicines.


A artistic-cultural-educational concert of traditional Andean indigenous music and singing, including sounds of pre-Columbian instruments.


Yaku and Kuntur will show us the most authentic of their cultural expressions, covering many musical instruments, musical genres and instrumental formations from the Andean world, songs in Runasimi, Aymara (ancestral languages). In this way they will transport us to very ancient times and to the current native communities that with these musics continue developing celebrations of the ancestral Andean calendar.


While they enchanting us with this rich cultural heritage, will explain the origins, history, genres, meanings and more of this music and instruments.


Yaku and Nina are guardians, carriers, and transmitters of this ancient legacy of love and wisdom….ancestral seed that they two walk sowing it wherever they go, in order to create a bridge of interculturality, a powerful and beautiful fabric that leads to a better world, balanced and fair, full of respect, freedom and love.


Each of their activities and/or ceremonies that they offer are interwoven with different traditionalancestral rituals... several rites in a single container.


By participating in these ceremonies, you will also financially support their family in Peru, and so that they can continue their mission of sharing medicine around the world, and for the socio-cultural work that they have been developing for more than 27 years in their land.


Gratitude, Blessings and Love!


Contribution, (Ayni) £30. If you are on low income and wish to attend or have any questions please contact to discuss a concession.


Taking place at the beautiful venue called Akasa in Hackney Wick. 5 Prince Edward Rd, E9 5LX


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