Vesta Gong Healing with Charlotte Donachie, Sat 24th Oct, 7-9pm

Vesta Gong Healing with Charlotte Donachie, Sat 24th Oct, 7-9pm


Vesta (known as Hestia in Greek Mythology) is the Goddess of the Hearth. She represents the Sacred Spiritual Flame that burns within us all. The Soul's purpose, which lights a fire at our core.

Chosen as young girls, the Priestesses of Vesta swore a 30-year vow of chastity and in turn were granted rights, privileges, and power unavailable to other women in Rome. These High Priestesses were respected, revered and regarded for their status and sacred work.

Vesta is the responsibility and empowerment of embodying our true intention. As Saturn's daughter, she commands our devotion to the unrelenting creativity of Spirit. She is sometimes mistaken for being soft or weak by way of her marriage to purity. She is nothing of the sort. She feeds the fire within, unleashing the Kundalini Life force and connecting us to the bliss of Sacred Sexuality.

This is an extremely unique Gong experience, since at present there are only three Vesta Gongs in the world, with this being the only one played by a woman. She is fierce, beautiful, deeply powerful and extremely resonant for these times as we learn to harness the essence of our unique power.

It is my honour to be of service to Vesta and to you.

Limited space. £30 via

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