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Wachumito Ceremony, Sacred Fire & Chaqhana Journey, Sat 30th September, 11am-9pm

Wachumito Ceremony, Sacred Fire & Chaqhana Journey, Sat 30th September, 11am-9pm


Beloved brothers and sisters. We welcome you to join us to celebrate the goddess as a community this Autumn Equinox portal. Honouring the goddess with offerings, altars, sacred songs and prayers for all that we have received in this phase of harvesting the gifts of mother earth Pachamama. We work in community accessing our healing to our brothers and sisters, we hold strongly to the Qero codes as they activate this portal to receive the new and let go of the old, under the powerful guidance of our beautiful grandfather plant medicine Wachumito, he is also known worldwide as a medicine of forgiveness and medicine of the heart and teaches us how to overcome fear and division, to centre yourself self-connecting to mother earth bringing a new time of harmony, love, and empowerment. 


We welcome this time honouring with beautiful medicine music, special guests from Peru and Bolivia, ancestral music called sicuris, inviting us to dance, creatively and in community, we will also be inviting Latin American dancers to share happiness and dances from their ancestry, celebrate and share with all.


The Ceremony will be led by Curandera healer and medicine woman -Illan Kill- Hampeq warmi from Cusco Peru, she brings teachings of the Tawa Inti suyo, the southern cross, and songs and prayers of the Tawa Inti suyo Pre Inka and Kapaq Nan ancestral path of the Andes. The Qero codes teach us a new way of living integrating ourselves into a community, respect to mother earth, living in equilibrium with all living species, respect to nature, the animal kingdom, and all the cosmic benign here and in all dimensions.


We reconnect with four altars of life, fire, water, earth, and wind to purify ourselves, with deep respect to life, through teachings of our ancestry tribes of the Andes and the Amazon, to share powerful prayers in each portal and great altar to integrate us from within.


We share Rap-eh from the Amazonian tribes, Condorcito a drink especially prepared by the Chimu and Moche nations, and we bring also a deep respect to our ancestors, honouring all directions, from the Inca wisdom keepers, connecting in this earth, in this time, with the magic of the temples of Avalon.


What to bring. Flowers, fruits or seeds to share, water, crystals. Any instruments to share songs, a pure heart ready to receive and share.



Three days before, no drugs, sex, or chemically altered foods.

No television, avoid internet and distortion.

Prepare by eating as healthy and organic as possible, drinking water, vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

Prepare to clear emotions and be focused where you like to be.


The full abundance exchange is £230 . If you are on low income please don't let this stop you from coming. We offer a concession price of £188 by using the code: CONCESSION 188
If you wish to pay a deposit of half and the rest on the day, please contact


Includes all medicines, teachings of Tawa Inti suyo, and four altars. Rap-eh and other medicines as part of this experience, food and sharing fruits.


You are welcome to camp over or stay in a campervan on the land if you are travelling far. We will be staying over and sleeping around the fire. A donation of £20 for the farm in cash is requested.


More info do conctact Sofia.


Kawsaypaq! Uke ati, if you heal yourself, I heal my self, we heal Pachamama mother earth.


For life!


Illa Killa, Sofia Bushbuck

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