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Grandfather Night Time Ceremony: Hosted by Renato Guerrero, Sat 25th May. 7pm

Grandfather Night Time Ceremony: Hosted by Renato Guerrero, Sat 25th May. 7pm


Dear Aho family, we are honoured to invite you to a beautiful Wachuma - San Pedro ceremony at night at the altar of the 4 Tobaccos.

In this traditional nighttime ceremony, we are blessed to travel the Medicine Wheel, honoring the four directions to receive medicine from the four elements.

In a traditional Grandfather - Four Tobacco ceremony, a sacred space is opened where one can enter into a relationship with the great mystery. It has rhythms that move through different hours of power of the night where we raise our prayers.

From there we will raise our voices, our intentions so that they are nested in the general purpose of this ceremony: “Connect from the spirit, from the sacred fire of the heart, to look at our path, our life, our greatest purpose and our best version from the greatest perspective.”

The work will begin with a purification sweat lodge and then move on to the altar of the 4 tobaccos and the Wachuma ceremony at night. It is not a requirement to be part of the temazcal during the day, 12-5pm, but it is absolutely recommended to be part of the complete experience for your greatest benefit. To also book the sweat lodge and your taking part in the Ceremony we offer a reduced price of £50 using the code LOW INCOME MAY on Aho Website.

The first tobacco, we invoke the presence of Air, the sacred wind, we pray the Tobacco of Purpose, to express the main intention and purpose of the ceremony.

Once we have introduced ourselves and expressed ourselves, we take the sacrament of Wachuma medicine.

In the second tobacco, we point to the heart, praying the Water Tobacco, to the great spirit of Water, giver of life. We receive the blessing of the sacred liquid in some way, we can drink from it, sing to the water, receive the blessing from it.

Water gives us continuity and in this way we can continue to deepen and pray in the third direction, the Tobacco of Power, the Tobacco of Fire, we honor the power of the Great Spirit of Fire. In this way we return to the center, to the purpose we are honoring, with the vibration of Medicine.

In the fourth movement we pray the Tobacco of Mother Earth, to thank and receive the blessing of the Sacred Foods.

In this way, giving thanks for the sacred sequence of life, in this powerful ceremony we can travel through the Great Mystery, opening the four directions, receiving the blessings and gifts they bring with them.


We close the ceremony, share the sacred foods and our experiences in a circle of integration.


Wachuma leads us to connect directly with the divine and opens awareness for self-learning. The great benefit of taking Wachuma is that it awakens the human senses to work with the unconscious, where we store most of our emotional or mental traumas. For the Andean world, there are no physical illnesses, but rather illnesses on an emotional level that are reflected on a physical level. These emotional illnesses are not cured by Western medicine, which is directed at the physical body.

Through the purification and balance of emotions, mind and heart, it facilitates the expansion of consciousness and gives rise to greater lightness in our life experience, helping us to live in the present, here and now, supporting the release of stress and unnecessary expectations.

Helps free us from our limitations and fears and feel a greater sense of well-being, love and affinity for others, and a deeper connection with ourselves. It is ideal for connecting with the heart and getting rid of limiting thoughts. It helps us recognize our own limitations and increases our ability to feel conscious of love and known as the medicine of the heart, as it helps remove harmful thinking to truly connect in the present moment. Therefore, it is the medicine that helps heal any type of emotional situation that brings codependency from abuse and control of the mind.


Renato Guerrero is a wisdom keeper, an alchemist at the service of the transformation of human beings, who has dedicated most of his life to preserving ancestral traditions. He is a man of Diaguita tradition (maternal lineage) and initiated into mystery schools since childhood (paternal lineage) creating a wonderful combination between the mind and the heart. Born in Chile, with strong roots in the Andean world, he has facilitated ceremonies and helped empower hundreds of people in the UK and around the world.


What should you bring?

Suitable boots and comfortable clothes, a sleeping bag. Flowers of the season to offer. Snacks to share at the end of the experience. Nuts, fruit, dips.


A hot soup will be provided at the end.


Contribution £180.If you are on low income and wish to attend please contact to discuss a concession.


Ceremony takes place in nature, on a beautiful farm in Hainault, on the central line. The farm is set in beautiful acres of fields, with horses and wildflowers. The farm is a rustic haven, just a few stops from the city. Parking onsite is also available. 


Details of diet and preparation will be sent to you.


More about +44 7833 498122

We wait for you with the burning fire of our hearts.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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